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Clean Room ClimaPlus

Clean Room ClimaPlus Acoustical Ceiling Panels are perfect for 100-rated to 10M-100M-rated kitchen and food prep areas (class 100 only) and clean, computer, control and sterile rooms. The panels are white vinyl lamintated surfaces with a special edge and back coating that actively controls airborne particles for stringent clean air environments. They are designed with Firecode for use in fire-rated assemblies and have a High Recycled Content (HRC). 


Key Features
  • ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime warranty to withstand conditions up to 40°C/95% relative humidity without visible sag when used with a 'Donn' brand suspension system
  • Water-felted mineral fibre substance
  • 'Firecode' formulation for Fire Rated ceilings
  • Actively control airborne particles for stringent clean air environments
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Recycled Content (Pre-Consumer)
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Scope of Use

Suitable for a range of hospitality, healthcare and institutional applications including clean rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, locker and computer rooms, MRI rooms and areas used for food preparation/ kitchens.

Limitations on Use

Environmental limitations, 40°C/95% relative humidity. Do not install until the building is fully enclosed, watertight, dry, permanent heating and cooling equipment is in operation, residual moisture from wet trades (eg. terrazzo, concrete, plaster) has dissipated and is free of chemical fumes. Do not mix production lots in the same ceiling area. When maintaining, do not use acetate, ammonia, highly concentrated chlorine, bromide or other harsh chemicals to clean - instead, use mild detergent and water, applying with a damp sponge.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Clean Room ClimaPlus, if installed and maintained in accordance with the technical literature, will meet the provisions of Clause C3.4 (a) of the NZBC.

USG acoustical ceiling panels have been the subject of reports by BRANZ to ascertain their performance in compliance with the NZBC Verification method C/VM2 Appendix A for the Classification of Fire Performance of Wall and Ceiling Lining Materials. All panels achieve a Group 1-S rating. Full copies of the individual Test Reports - FH 3619/ FAR 4030 -  are available on request.

Other Performance Attributes

Member of the Green Building Councils of New Zealand and Australia. 51% recycled content.

Interior Fire Rating 1S
Data Sheet
GreenTag Certification
USG Acoustical Ceiling Panels Fire Reaction
Warranty: Acoustical Ceilings and Suspension Panels
USG Acoustical Ceiling Panels — Application Guidelines

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