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Thermakraft Thermabar 344

Thermakraft Thermabar 344 is a fire retardant light diffuser foil insulation.  Consisting of a layer of highly burnished aluminium foil bonded with a fire retardant adhesive to a white woven polyneric mesh.  It will provide a quality white aesthetic finish, increasing light diffusion and reflection.

Key Features
  • Completely inert and unaffected by moisture, provides extreme tear resistance
  • Provides a quality white aesthetic finish, increasing light diffusion and reflection when installed with white surface facing down
  • Can be used as a vapour control layer
  • Improved thermal performance if installed and taped on the warm side of the bulk insulation
  • Light weight, reflective and has a high tensile strength
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for roofs and walls
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Fire retardant light diffuser foil insulation
  • Suitable as a vapour control layer
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Thermabar 344 will meet the performance requirements of NZBC Clauses B2, Durability (B2.3.1[b] 15 years), E2 External Moisture E2.3.2, F2 Hazardous Building Materials F2.3.1

Data Sheet

Issue 2, Nov 2019

Quick Reference Guide

Issue 2, Nov 2019

Thermakraft Warranty Statement

Issue 2, Nov 2019

Installation and Operation

Issue 1, Nov 2019

Thermakraft Ltd are a leading New Zealand manufacturer of Synthetic and Bituminous underlays for the roof and wall with over 30 years experience

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