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Plaster Angles

Steel Rollformed Products produces external plaster angle bead in 90° and 135° angles with 30mm legs to use in internal walls. The product is perforated and rolled from continuous hot-dip galvanised GALVSTEEL manufactured by New Zealand Steel, whenever possible.

There are 3mm diameter edge perforations at nominal 125mm centres to provide a securing point ensuring fastening will be below the troweling surface during installation. The stiff back rib provides both a troweling surface and a strengthened corner in service. 

The angle is rolled true, during manufacturing, to aid the fastening and to assist in achieving straight clean corners 

Key Features
  • 90° and 135° angles with 30mm legs
  • Supplied in stock lengths of 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m and 3.6m
  • Supplied in boxed bundles for easy handling
Categories / Ranges
Plasterboard Finishing Products
Scope of Use
  • For use in internal walls
  • Produces external plaster angle bead in 90° and 135° angles

Note: The product is produced with an internal angle of less than 90° or 135° allowing the plaster compounds to key through the perforations achieving the 90° or 135° finished plastered angle.

Limitations on Use

It is recommended that the boxed bundles be stored in a clean dry environment prior to installation. To enable good adhesion, the product should be wiped clean immediately prior to application of the plaster compound.

Steel Rollformed Products is a family owned and operated manufacturer of steel stud wall and ceilings

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