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Muros Loft Brick Style Panels

Muros faux Loft Brick Panels are constructed from a durable fibreglass-base, to authentically recreate the look and feel of a rustic 'warehouse brick' finish without the weight or expense. The European panels are suitable for walls and ceilings, counters and columns. Designed for interior use, and exterior applications in residential and inspired workspace, hospitality and retail settings.

Muros veneer panels are over 4m² in size, making them perfectly-suited to completing large wall spaces quickly and efficiently — create a modern New York style loft look, create warmth and character, or give homage to London's brick-work buildings.

The hand-made Loft Brick panel boasts a natural aged appearance, containing subtle imperfections and colour variations. Far from a cookie cutter design, the bricks are detailed with nicks, chips, cracks and elements of natural wear and ageing found in established brick walls. Brick rows alternate between full bricks and half bricks, adding variation and originality.

Constructed from a fibreglass compound, combined with natural mineral pigments, panels are available in a range of colours, and also easily painted. Plaster, sign writing and other creative finishes offer further versatility and distinction.

  • Format:
    • Horizontal: 3,290 x 1,270mm (w x h)
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Total area: 4.18m²
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Individual bricks (approximately):
    • Width range: 115mm - 235mm
    • Height: 65mm
    • Mortar width/height range: 8mm - 25mm
  • Please note: Panel dimensions can vary slightly between handmade batches
Key Features
  • Lightweight, flexible, and cost effective
  • Strong and durable — impact, water, erosion, UV and thermal resistant
  • Space saving with low relief
  • Straight-forward installation, and maintenance free
  • Available in horizontal format
  • Available in eight colours (white, rustic, burnt red, red, terracotta, brown, anthracite, washboard white) and can also be painted
  • Interior and exterior walls and ceilings, columns and counters
  • Group 3 fire rating (Group 1 available on request)
  • Non-structural — not requiring consent
Scope of Use
  • Panels are used for a wide range of building applications, primarily: walls, ceilings, columns, counters, bulkheads, and external facades
  • Suitable for interior application. Exterior use requires specific installation advice and materials
  • Ideally installed over a solid substrate such as ply or MDF to accommodate mechanical fixing.
  • Existing plasterboard/GIB can also be used with fixing focused on the wall framing behind — see Installation Instructions for full information
Limitations on Use
  • Muros Wall Panels provide a strong and durable decorative finish — they are not cladding
  • Exterior use is subject to specific installation advice — contact Muros
  • Muros Wall Panels are fire resistant (Group 3 and Group 1 available), however to maintain a quality appearance panels should not be subjected to strong, direct, or constant heat
  • Exposure to weather elements, and coastal locations with salt may impact the finish quality over time — contact Muros for full information
  • Acoustic features are not inherent in the wall panels
  • Not designed as an insulating product
  • Not recommended for use in showers
Statement of Building Code Compliance

When used in accordance with the instructions and information from Muros, Muros Wall Panels will meet the following requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC):

  • B1.3.1, B1.3.2 and B1.3.3 (a) and (j): Muros Wall Panels meet the requirements for loads arising from self-weight and typical soft body impacts normally expected in areas where the product will be used
  • B2.3.1 (c): Muros Wall Panels meet the durability requirements of the NZBC and have a serviceable life of at least 5 years

Muros Wall Panels have been tested to Australasian fire rating standards: ISO 5660 (NZ) and AS/NZS 3837 (Australia).

  • Muros Wall Panels have a Group 3 Number Classification rating as tested and reported by BRANZ
  • Group 1 available on request
In-Service History

Muros Wall Panels have been successfully installed and used internationally for over 25 years. Muros' solid reputation over the past decade in the Australasia Pacific region, has been built on end-to-end personalised customer service, reliability of supply, quality of product, fulfilment of orders, and after-sales support.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Impact resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Erosion resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Low VOCs

The design and manufacturing processes for Muros Wall Panels are ISO certified:

  • ISO14001 (Environment)
  • ISO9001 (Quality)


All Muros Wall Panels, when installed according to supplier instructions carry:

  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty for internal use
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty for external use

Exclusions apply — See Muros for full information

Product Assurance
Data Sheet
BRANZ Fire Testing
Muros Installation Guide — External
Muros Installation Guide — Internal
Cleaning and Care Guide
Other Literature
Muros Panels: FAQs
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Muros supply European-made decorative wall panels to authentically recreate the look, texture and relief of concrete, brick, wood, and stone.

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