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Monier Underlay

Roofing underlay used by Monier is a breathable, absorbent, bituminous, self-supporting building paper specifically designed for use in domestic homes.

Roofing underlay is used to protect the roof structure below by:

  • providing a second line of defence against moisture entry,
  • absorbing condensation that forms on the underside of the roof cladding material,
  • reducing air movement in roof spaces,
  • and providing protection against the entry of dust and dirt.

Underlay is laid under your roof tile battens during installation by the Reseller. It is rolled out in sections parallel to the eaves with an overlap between each layer. The battens are then used to secure the underlay to the roof rafters before laying the roof tiles.

Key Features
  • Underlay provides temporary protection against the wind, dust, rain and other weathering elements until the roof tiles are laid, limiting potential moisture damage to internal structural components and improving on-site work flow efficiency by allowing some internal trades to commence work before the roof tiles are laid, speeding up the construction of your home.
  • Wind entry into the roof space is reduced by underlay, thereby assisting the performance of thermal insulation used within the roof space and improving the comfort of your home.
  • Underlay used by Monier is highly water vapour permeable, allowing excess moisture vapour, which might otherwise condense in the roof space, to escape creating a healthier home.
  • Acts as a second line of defence against moisture entry during its serviceable life.
Scope of Use

Monier recommends the use of underlay in all situations. Underlay is required in all situations when a spreader discharges water over the roof.

Other Literature
Technical Resources

Monier has a proud history in the New Zealand building industry, from the original terracotta tile to the extensive range available today, Monier tiles have long been a trusted roofing solution.

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