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Button-Fix is a fast, simple and cost effective way to install a huge selection of Laminex New Zealand decorative panels as interior wall cladding.

The Button-fix system consists of durable nylon buttons, which are attached to the panel and the mating fixes are attached to the wall.

Key Features
  • Invisibly supports approved Laminex NZ decorative panels between 10 and 18mm thick
  • Panels can be top mounted or side mounted, depending on the project requirements
  • Panels can be easily removed
  • 90 degree corners and hinged access panels can be created
  • Optional Safety cord accessory available for use on push-fit panels in hazardous applications
  • Seven year warranty for the total system when installed correctly with an approved Laminex NZ panel
Scope of Use

Button-fix is suitable for fixing-approved Laminex NZ decorative panels interior wall linings.

Approved Laminex NZ products include: Melteca, Laminex Timber Veneer panels, Formica Laminate – HPL, 180fx, AR+ Solid Colours, Magnetic Whiteboard – on an MDF backing panel, Laminex Laminate – HPL, Innovations , Fire Retardant HPL – on an MDF backing panel, Trade Essentials Plywood, Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminate, Laminam - on a plywood or MDF backing panel.

There are two types of fixes to cater for different situations. The Type 1 Fix connects parallel panels, engaging with a vertical or sideways sliding action. It can be surface-mounted or rebated into the panel and is ideal for applications where strength and security are paramount.

The Type 2 Fix connects panels at 90°, with a simple push/pull fit. It is ideal for applications where the emphasis is more on ease of fit and less on strength.

Limitations on Use

Do not use externally, or for ceilings.

In-Service History

The Button-fix system has been used in the U.K. since early 2012. It has been distributed by Laminex NZ since 2015.

Laminex NZ offers a seven year warranty when it is installed according the manufacturers guidelines, and when using an approved Laminex NZ panel.

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