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Acoustop Noise Barrier dBX

Acoustop dBX is a synthetic rubber mass loaded barrier used to add extra mass or hung as a barrier curtain for increased transmission loss and noise reduction. Available with a scrim backing or foil facing.

Wavebar dBX represents the latest in polymer technology. It is used to improve transmission loss in walls and ceilings, reduce the level of cross-talk between acoustically sensitive rooms and reduce noise intrusion from external noise sources such as traffic and aircraft.

Key Features
  • Reduces inter-office noise transmission providing comfort, privacy and confidentiality
  • Controls external noise problems from aircraft, traffic and rain noise
  • Increases performance of existing structures in retro-fit, by fitting over existing walls and covering with plasterboard
  • No added phthalate plasticisers
  • Transmission loss across a wide range of frequencies
  • Unique flexibility allows for easy installation in tight corners and complex fit-outs
  • Low maintenance reinforced foil facing providing a robust surface finish, ensuring protection from damage
  • Moisture proof, dust proof and chemical resistant
  • Easy sealing of joins and edges prevents deterioration
  • No specialist tools or equipment required for installation
Scope of Use
  • Wavebar dBX is designed as a noise barrier for increasing transmission loss of existing walls or partitions
  • It can be hung as a barrier curtain, used to increase transmission loss of dry wall partitions, ceilings, doors, flexible duct connectors or where a noise barrier only is required
  • Used as a layover in ceilings or floors in multi-storey buildings
Limitations on Use

Wavebar dBX has excellent durability and there are no known limitations on the serviceable life of the products, provided the material is used for its designed purpose, and installed and maintained according to the specification provided by the manufacturer.

Wavebar dBX Datasheet

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