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Fireshield TimberClear 1FR + TimberClear Top Coat

TimberClear 1FR + TimberClear Top Coat Fire Rated Intumescent Coating System — interior timber surface rating up to the maximum Group 1-S.

TimberClear 1FR is a halogen-free, waterborne intumescent base coat developed for use on timber substrate surfaces to give a Group surface rating. It must be sealed with the TimberClear Top Coat which is a plant based bio solvent clear coat.

When exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire, the TimberClear system forms a thick layer of porous foam that extinguishes the flow of heat to the treated surface.

It should be spray applied for best results, brush and roller is only advised for small areas or for touch up. The Maintenance Guide and Application Instructions are available upon request from Fireshield.

Key Features
  • Fully compliant to Group 1-S here in New Zealand for simple Building Code compliance
  • For interior C1 zone use only
  • Can be used for specific design to reduce char rates of structural timber elements
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to apply by Registered Applicators
  • Delivers a clear finish that preserves and enhances the beauty of natural timber, veneers and plywood
  • TimberClear Top Coat is offered in matt (GU 7) or semi-gloss (GU 20)
Scope of Use
  • TimberClear 1FR is designed to prevent spread of fire in internal timber based substrate wall and ceiling linings in internal C1 zones
  • Gives the maximum Group 1-S surface rating to timber based substrates used as wall and ceiling linings including battens both horizontal and vertical
  • TimberClear 1FR can also be used for fire protection of structural timber
  • Suitable for use on solid timber, plywood, timber veneers and most engineered timber products
  • Can be applied to any species of timber, new or old that meet the minimum substrate requirements for density and thickness
  • TimberClear 1FR must be always be protected with TimberClear Top Coat
  • Approved, tested stains and sealers may be applied prior to treatment of TimberClear 1FR if required for decorative purposes
  • Can be used on previously coated timber surfaces with an approved primer coat
Limitations on Use
  • Designed for interior use in C1 internal zones
  • Wood surface must be free from dust and grease
  • Certain kinds of fatty wood, e.g. teak, should undergo a test coating of a small area to determine the adhesion
  • Application should be avoided at temperatures below +10° C
  • The paint should be kept at room temperature to aid easy application
  • The moisture in the wood must be carefully examined and it must not exceed 15% for undressed wood
  • TimberClear 1FR is sensitive to moisture and must therefore always be used in conjunction with the clear sealer TimberClear Top Coat
  • Structures that move because of mechanical stress or that are constantly exposed to relative humidity higher than 75% are less suitable
  • TimberClear 1FR is clear.  Use TimberClear 2FR for coloured intumescent paint
  • TimberClear can only be applied by Registered Applicators
  • It is advised that Fireshield be consulted for installations outside of the C1 interior zone, or when primers are required
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • TimberClear 1FR has been tested in Europe and meets Fire Class B-s1-d0 according to EN13501-1:2010
  • This is recognised as equivalent to Group 1-S under the NZ Building Code
  • Provides NZBC C/AS2-CAS6 compliance
In-Service History
  • Has been used in Europe for over 30 years and in New Zealand for 5 years — See the Fireshield Project Gallery
Other Performance Attributes
  • Helps to achieve various environmental standards including Living Building Challenge Certification because it is halogen free
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
Interior Fire Rating 1S
Interior Fire Rating 2
Interior Fire Rating 2S
Interior Fire Rating 3
Data Sheet: TimberClear 1FR


Data Sheet: TimberClear Top Coat


Safety Data Sheet: TimberClear 1FR


Safety Data Sheet: TimberClear Top Coat — Low Sheen


Safety Data Sheet: TimberClear Top Coat — Matt


Timber Application Guide


Fireshield Project Gallery

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