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DriStud Procourse

DriStud Procourse is a plastic damp proof course and is used as a permanent moisture barrier.

It is a high impact low density polyethylene film embossed on both sides and can be used as a damp course (in brick or block work), as a concealed flashing (under timber, window frames or door frames) or when separation is required between different materials.

Key Features
  • Durability
  • Embossed on both sides
  • Unaffected by LOSP timber treatments
  • Extremely durable
Scope of Use

Used to avoid moisture by providing a complete and permanent moisture barrier through the walls and brickwork, and between concrete and timber or steel frames.

It provides protection against water damage and is used around brick vents, timber framing, windows and door flashing.

It may be used as a concealed flashing for jambs and sills of aluminium window and door joinery in masonry veneer walls constructed in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.

Limitations on Use
  • Masonry veneer must be constructed in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS2 and NZS 4229:2013.
  • DriStud Procourse MUST NOT be used in applications where it is exposed to direct sunlight.
Statement of Building Code Compliance

When specified and installed in accordance with the requirements of the Installation Guide, DriStud Procourse will comply with the following provisions of the NZ Building Code:

  • Clause B2 Durability: B2.3.1(a) (50 years)
  • Clause E2 External Moisture: E2.3.2, E2.3.3
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1
Other Performance Attributes
  • Meets AS/NZS 2904:1995
B2 Durability compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials

Products include DriStud wall and roof underlays, Window Flashing Tape, Vent NZ passive ventilation system and Proctor construction membranes.

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