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Besam Unislide

The sliding door operator UniSlide is a reliable choice for high-traffic and heavy-duty applications. Available for single and double doors, the UniSlide can be integrated as part of Besam sliding door system or be adapted to a wide range of existing doors and customer requirements. It's supplied completely assembled in the support beam, which ensures quality and makes the operator equally easy to install as a new or replacement installation.

Information, including CAD & PDF files and product data sheets, can be found on the Besam website.

Key Features
  • Can be integrated as part of Besam Automatic Door Systems or adapted to a wide range of different door and customer requirements
  • Easy installation — all units completely assembled in the support beam, making it easy to install as a replacement or for new installations
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Self-monitoring — the microprocessor has an integral self-monitoring device which detects any interference or faulty signals in door operation and takes necessary measures to ensure a safe operation
  • Can either be combined with a mechanical emergency unit that automatically opens the doors, or an electronic emergency unit that automatically opens or closes the doors in the event of a power failure
  • Can be interfaced with fire alarms or smoke detectors
  • Drive unit, control unit, transmission (or optional emergency unit and electromechanical locking device) are all assembled in the support beam
  • The drive unit transmits movement to the door leaves by means of a tooth belt.
  • Door leaves with integrated or separately mounted door adaptors can be adjusted height-, length- and depth-wise. Journaled steel rollers and sliding track made of high-grade plastic give exceptionally smooth and silent operation
Scope of Use
  • The sliding door operator UniSlide is a reliable choice for high-traffic and heavy-duty applications

Safe for users of all ages and physical abilities:

  • Operator stops and reverses the door's movement if obstructed by a person or object
  • Options for automatic opening or closure during power failure
Other Performance Attributes

Safe Closure With Object Detection:

  • To permit safe passage between closing doors, the doors immediately reverse if an obstruction is detected, then resume their interrupted movement at low speed to check whether the obstruction has disappeared or not.
  • If an obstruction is detected between opening doors and surrounding walls or interior fittings, the door immediately stops and then closes after a time delay.
  • The safety can be further improved by using a Besam presence detection system. People or objects in the doorway are detected and the door is then prevented from closing until it is safe to do so.
Architects & Specification
Data Sheet - Unislde T
Data Sheet - Unslide
Maintenance Instructions
Market - Healthcare
Market - Retail
Market - Transportation

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