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Wooden Bannister Options for Curved Staircases

Bendywood is a solid wood product that is made flexible through a chemical-free thermo-mechanical production process. Once flexible, it can be worked like normal wood and bent by hand in a cold and dry condition (without using heat, steam or water).

Its ability to be bent by hand means that Bendywood is an ideal solution for a variety of applications that require solid timber to be curved. The beauty of its application as a bannister rail is that it can be bent and fitted on site. This eliminates the need to construct a stairway template in the factory in order to fit and shape the rail before delivery to the site in sections for installation — saving an enormous amount of time and money. 

Instead the rail can be delivered to site straight, then simply bent to the required radius and tied down with cable ties and clamps and left for 24 - 48 hours to set before being fixed permanently in place.

Bendywood is available in various lengths and profiles, and in a range of timbers including beech, maple, oak, cherry and walnut. 

An attractive and warm wooden bannister on a curved stair case is now a viable and cost-effective alternative to standard metal or stainless steel.

For exterior bannisters or bannisters with individual stylistic requirements Woodform can provide customised solutions, using their skill and vast experience in laminating and bending solid timber to achieve the result required.

Woodform Australasia Limited is the exclusive New Zealand supplier of Bendywood.

View more information on Woodform Australasia Limited, including contact details.
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