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Curved Timber Weatherboards Resolve a Unique Cladding Challenge and Become a Design Feature

For the recent reclad of this beautiful home in St Mary’s Bay, Auckland, the construction team needed to find a weathertight cladding solution for the building’s unique two-storey curved turret — a challenge that was beyond the means of standard weatherboards.

“We had to come up with a solution to clad something that was a) curved, b) too tight for vertical shiplap, and c) really tall — over 7 metres,” explains Jake Bayliss, Builder and Owner of First Quality Construction. It was important to ensure a smooth curve to really show off the tower’s form — something that couldn’t be achieved using weatherboards vertically. Woodform’s bespoke curved timber weatherboards provided the perfect solution.

Developed to help architects and designers achieve stunning curved cladding, Woodform’s curved timber weatherboards match most rusticated and shiplap weatherboard profiles. The weatherboards are fitted in the same way as matching straight weatherboards and achieve the same standard of weathertightness and NZBC compliance.

The biggest advantage of Woodform Curved Weatherboards is that they can be designed to achieve clean curves in almost any radii — exactly what was needed for this project. “It was a pretty tight radius,” says Jake. “2.2m back to back so a pretty big curve. Using Woodform meant we could avoid the faceted look that comes with using vertical profiles.”

In addition to achieving a stunning curved aesthetic, Woodform’s curved weatherboards provide excellent watertightness and durability. “They’re rusticated, easy to install and watertight,” says Jake. “In terms of durability, they’re all H3.2 tanalised and laminated — as good as it gets, really.”

Installing the curved weatherboards was straightforward. “I’d never worked with the curved weatherboards before, but it was just like putting a flat weatherboard on,” says Jake. “Woodform laminated the boards so they held their form pretty much perfectly. We just nailed them on like you would any other weatherboards.”

The curved tower is a standout feature of the newly renovated home. “It looks amazing,” says Jake. “The curved weatherboards started as a solution to a problem but then really became a main feature of the building. It's definitely a good product that I would recommend to anyone.”

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Curved Timber Weatherboards Resolve a Unique Cladding Challenge and Become a Design Feature
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