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Elevate Bathroom Design with Architectural Grilles from Vynco

Modern day architects, interior designers and homeowners alike are increasingly searching for style and sophistication in every aspect of the home. Sometimes it's the essentials that let the overall design down. For example, in a brand new, top-of-the-range bathroom, nobody wants to see an unbecoming disc of cheap plastic in the middle of the ceiling. Vynco offers a state-of-the-art alternative to the traditional basic, plastic bathroom ventilation grilles. These new grilles come in a frameless option for new builds and a framed version for retrofit applications.

The most popular option is the Frameless Extract Grille, which sits flush into the ceiling with a subtle, minimalist finish. The framework and fittings of this grille can't be seen once installed, with the visible surface of the unit sitting level with the ceiling's surface. It can also be painted with the ceiling so that the final result is totally seamless. Instead of an inconsistent plastic circle, the end user is left only with a chic negative detail around the floating plaque.

The Retrofit Framed Extract Grille shares a similar clean, sharp look except this unit enables the installer to cover any pre-existing cut outs or markings from previous ventilation systems. It can be fitted into a variety of surfaces, including tiled ceilings or plasterboard walls. Like its frameless counterpart, the surface of this unit lies level with the ceiling. The Retrofit Framed Extract Grille is available in a universal appliance white colour.

Vynco also supplies the fan units and ducting to use with these superior grilles.

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March 2017 EBOSSNOW Product News
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