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Fiberock Aqua-Tough Interior Panels Deliver Superior Impact, Moisture, Mould and Fire Resistance

A leading global manufacturer of building materials and solutions, USG Boral has been innovating with synthetic gypsum for over 30 years, and developed the technology for Fiberock 15 years ago.

"It's like paperless plasterboard, except plasterboard relies on the paper for its strength, while Fiberock is created by a patented process of growing gypsum under high pressure which interlinks the gypsum crystals with paper, so no paper is needed on the outside. There is also no possibility of delamination, as it is a solid matrix," explains USG Boral National Architectural and Specifications Manager, Peter Wood.

Fiberock is a two-way fire rated system, up to 60 minutes (single layer) and 120 minutes (2 layers). Its high mass delivers superior noise control, making the linings ideal for apartments and inter-tenancy walls.

Significantly stronger and stiffer than standard plasterboard of the same thickness and similar fibre cement lining systems, Fiberock allows the elimination of nogs in both timber and steel frame walls with up to a 60kg point load (120kg shear point) for wall fixings. 

Fiberock also offers exceptional impact resistance in high traffic areas. Hospital corridors are particularly susceptible to damage by trolleys and general traffic, while increased moisture and mould control is also a consideration in product choice for hospitals. Fiberock linings were used extensively throughout the corridors (walls and ceilings) of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Mason Clinic in Auckland and the Gold Coast University Hospital where it provided the required toughness for these environments. Fiberock's plaster surface means there is no layer of paper to feed toxic mould and makes it more resistant to water absorption than both fibre cement and wet area plasterboard, reducing the risk of lingering damp.

A multifunctional material, Fiberock offers the convenience of using just one product for two applications, eliminating the use of multiple boards on large projects. This made Fiberock the ideal choice for the high profile Circular Quay Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney. More than 800m² of Fiberock Aqua-Tough was supplied and installed for internal and external wall and ceiling linings and bulk heads, where it replaced the two fibre cement products originally specified, increasing efficiency on site and significantly reducing cost and waste.

Fiberock panels are easy to cut and install. Sheets can be cut to size by snap and score, and easily fixed to steel or timber studs with screws or nails. Paint and tile finishing is similar to plasterboard.

Eco friendly, made with 95% recycled content, Fiberock contains no sand or cement, meaning no on-site carcinogenic silica dust risk.

Fiberock carries a comprehensive 10 year warranty.

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