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Maximum Design Flexibility and Elegance with TARC Snap Lock

TARC Snap Lock is a versatile profile designed to add depth, shadow and interest to residential and commercial roofing or cladding projects. The elegant roofing or cladding system offers building designers styling and design flexibility, sustainability and durability with an easy installation process requiring only a few tools. The reduced structural requirements and installation time make this system efficient and cost-effective.

TARC Snap Lock is installed over open purlins or cavity battens which use a secret fixing clip. TARC Snap Lock has been manufactured in-house and is suitable for different types of building frame materials. For example, timber-framed buildings designed and constructed in accordance with B1/AS1, NZS3604 and E2/AS1; steel-framed buildings designed to NASH 3405; and specifically designed buildings in accordance with B1/VM1 and AS/NZS 1170. As external through fixings are not required, panels are joined by clipping and seaming, providing a superior profile in a vast array of weather conditions.

Since The Architectural Roofing Company launched TARC Snap Lock, it has been installed in a large range of residential and commercial projects. In a recent collaboration with Urbanfunction Architecture, The Architectural Roofing Company specified and installed TARC Snap Lock as an easy-to-use solution on a residential build, Major Hornbrook. TARC Snap Lock provided flexibility in detail and layout, which combined with high-quality workmanship and vision, gave emphasis to the ribbed exteriors finer shadow details, from wall to soffit. By pairing the premium steel with natural wood inside and out, the project was brought to life and the results really speak to the heart of why “Details matter”.

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