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Tested Firestop Solutions from Hilti

Fires following earthquakes are a serious risk, causing fire, smoke and water damage to buildings as well as the loss of human life.

This is especially concerning in a seismically active area such as New Zealand where over 20,000 tremors occur each year. As such, building regulations here are stringent and fire-rated walls and floors must be sealed.

Hilti has conducted extensive tests on the efficacy of firestop products in a seismic event and offers a broad range of firestop products and solutions to help contain fire, smoke and toxic gases to the area of origin by sealing around penetrations and construction joints in fire-rated floors and walls. These include:

Flexible Firestop Sealant CP 606

Flexible Firestop Sealant CP 606 is an acrylic based firestop sealant that provides movement capability in fire rate joint applications.   It can be used in sealing rigid or low-movement ceiling or wall joints with widths from six to 33mm, in sealing metal pipe penetrations, and with various base materials such as masonry, concrete, drywall and metal.

Firestop Foam CP 660

Firestop Foam CP 660 is a three-phase technology that provides a firestop seal specifically for maintenance and retrofitting of cables.

CFS-B Firestop Bandage

CFS-B Firestop Bandage is an easy-to-install firestop solution for use around insulated hot or cold inflammable metal pipes.  Highly versatile is can be used on a variety of insulation materials, pipe materials and pipe diameters and is suitable for openings in concrete, masonry block or drywall.

As well as a comprehensive range of products and solutions for all firestop requirements, Hilti offers support and expertise throughout the firestopping process either in the office creating project specifications or on site ensuring your chosen system is correctly installed.

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Tested Firestop Solutions from Hilti
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