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Achieve a 60/60/60 Fire Rating on Existing Plasterboard

Identifying the problem is key to offering the right solution. Across the country, numerous buildings contain standard 13mm plasterboard (secured using the standard fixing system) as part of a fire-resistance-rated mid-floor/ceiling and/or wall system. This system is no longer adequate for passive fire protection, and an upgrade is required.

There are currently two common solutions to solve this problem:

  1. Installing additional plasterboard, or
  2. Replacing the current plasterboard with a fire rated system

Both solutions are very costly and timely for building owners.

Now, there is another solution available without the need for adding to or replacing existing plasterboard. Tech Coatings offer a product for both remedial and new build solutions.

FBL-100 is a halogen-free, low VOC, acrylic co-polymer latex thin film Intumescent Coating System (ICS) specially designed for interior passive fire protection. This hard, durable, abrasion-resistant product has a smooth white finish — perfect for the refurbishment and upgrade of passive fire protection in existing or new building stock.

But what Australasian standards has FBL-100 been tested to?

Under the current New Zealand building code there are two different types of tests for an Intumescent Coating System:

The Reaction to Fire Test

This test is designed to see how the ICS will protect a combustible substrate at the beginning of a fire, and under the current NZBC, C/VM2-4.7 (C-3.4 Suitable materials used proven by testing) must be tested using the standard - ISO 9705:1993.

FBL-100 was tested at BRANZ and achieves a Group 2-S rating on 9mm plywood (type 1 combustible) or better.

The Fire Resistance Rating Test

This test is designed to see how the ICS protects the interior structural substrate when exposed to a fully established fire. Tech Coatings used the latest Australasian standard, AS 1530 Part 4: 2014. The FBL-100 Intumescent Coating System was tested at CSIRO on timber framed (or better) floor/ceiling system exposed to fire from below and assessed for use on timber (or better) framed walls exposed to fire from either or both sides (two-way FRR) or exposed to fire from the coated side (one-way FRR).

FBL-100 achieves a Fire Resistance Rating of 45/45/45 (with the standard fixing pattern) or 60/60/60 (with additional screws) on standard 13mm plasterboard.

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Achieve a 60/60/60 Fire Rating on Existing Plasterboard NEW
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