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Brick Slips Provide a Lightweight and Fast Alternative to Full Brick Facades

Brick Slips are thin sections of brick that replicate the look of conventional brick work and can be used both internally and externally. Available in New Zealand through Stellaria, Brick Slips can be supplied in the complete Wienerberger product range, giving designers a unique variety of styles and colours to suit both contemporary and traditional designs.

Brick slips are produced in one of two ways:

  • Firstly, they can be cut from the face of a standard brick. This is a more traditional method of Brick Slip production and allows flexibility with the thickness of the slips.
  • Secondly, in a similar way to the process used for standard wirecut brick production, a column of extruded clay is wirecut into the required slip thickness before being kiln fired. This is a more cost-effective production method; however this method does not offer the same levels of flexibility in size as the cut from a standard brick does.

Brick Slip return corners are also available in thicknesses to match all the available standard slip sizes. These units allow the seamless continuation of the required bond pattern to offer the complete look of conventional brick work.

Quick and cost effective:

Brick Slips are a quick and cost effective way to replicate the look of conventional brick work, providing excellent durability and low maintenance, the brick slips are ideal for new build or renovation projects and are incredibly easy to fit and point. Suitable for a wide range of external wall insulation systems, the brick slips also offer an easy way to transform or improve the look of any wall, whether internal or external.

Increasing in Popularity:

Brick slips have become an increasingly popular choice, particularly for use with external insulation systems where people still want an authentic brick look alongside the increased insulation performance and reduction in wall thickness and weight.

Available in a Broad Range of Designs: 

Stellaria NZ supplies Brick Slips from Wienerberger, one of the world's largest brick manufacturers. Designers can choose from any of the hundreds of Wienerberger bricks available as brick slips. This means they can match existing brickwork in an easy and hassle-free way. Brick slips can be offered in a variety of thicknesses to suit different designs.

Wienerberger also offers an extensive range of purpose-made brick slips. These specially produced brick slips are made on their own extrusion line. This makes them more cost-effective than cutting slips from full bricks, and reduces wastage.

The Wienerberger range of purpose-made brick slips come in 215 x 15 x 65mm dimensions, meaning they are light weight. An additional benefit of this range is that they are all produced on the same red body. Extremely durable colours are bonded into the surface during firing at over 1000°C. This means that whatever colours are chosen, they all have the same technical specification and size consistency.

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