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Argeton Clay Facade System Provides Long-Lasting Cladding Option

Produced by Wienerberger, the world's largest manufacturer of clay facing tiles, Argeton and Argelite ventilated facade systems consist of extruded ceramic tiles fixed to aluminium subframes attached to the supporting structure.

Argeton and Argelite facade systems meet the German Building Inspectorate specifications for ventilated wall claddings using EN standard testing methods and procedures. The Argeton facade system has a BBA Agreement certificate. These requirements also satisfy the NZ Building Code for structural performance.

Argeton tiles fixed no more than 600mm apart horizontally and 300mm vertically are suitable for maximum wind pressures of 2.4kPa for serviceability and 3.6kPa for safety. The installation of Argeton and Argelite facade systems is tolerant of variability of the supporting structure and is resilient to failure of any particular component. All components exceed the required durability of 15 years and are likely to have service life well in excess of 50 years. Individual tiles are easily removed if access is required to replace fixings. The components of the Argeton and Argelite facade systems are non-combustible.

This facade system is a ventilated rainscreen system contributing to the management of external moisture. Weathertightness and airtightness are determined by the specific construction details of the supporting structure. None of the components of Argeton or Argelite contain or emit harmful materials.

The name Argeton stands for quality, aesthetics, creativity and timeless perfection. It is equally suitable for commercial apartments and multi-level buildings as a residential cladding for a near-zero maintenance and highly durable facade.

Architects and specifiers can express their creativity and design with the unmistakable character of clay.

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May 2019 EBOSSNOW Product News
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