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Specify Blinds Early to Ensure Effective Glare Control

Window furnishing is quite often a standard default specification from the architect, yet it is one of the first things a client looks at when moving into a new premises. With so many modern buildings using glass to not only to allow light in but also offer unimpeded views, now more than ever it is important to consider window furnishings.

The increased use of glass for building represents potential issues with glare and heat control. While tinting of windows can help address these issues, that tint cannot be turned off. With incorrect window treatment causing issues such as glare off computer screens or a Sahara-like heatwave streaming through the window, it's often necessary to put in further protection after the job is completed. If window furnishings are considered earlier in the project, the extra costs of replacing or retrofitting window furnishings can be eliminated.

With most office employees working in front of screens, glare controlled blinds can provide a comfortable working environment. These blinds feature specially manufactured fibres designed to minimise glare. Another popular option for workplaces are coloured blinds which can be an effective option for heat control, with metallic backing ensuring high performance. 

Planning ahead with a consult or CPD presentation with SP Blinds can not only reduce the two most common issues around window furnishing but can also help reduce additional unnecessary refit expense.

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Specify Blinds Early to Ensure Effective Glare Control
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