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Added Moisture Protection with New SureWrap Roof Underlay

Roof underlays act as a second layer of protection for roof spaces and they play an important role in managing moisture that can accumulate in the roof cavity; adequate ventilation will allow moisture laden air to escape from the roof cavity.

Sisalation SureWrap Roof Underlay is the latest addition to the range. The new synthetic underlay is the ideal option for both residential and commercial applications, and it can be installed on pitches as low as 3°. It can also be installed on skillion roofs or curved roofs.

SureWrap can be installed without support if the span is less than 1200mm, and it is classified as a fire retardant product.

The product has been appraised by BRANZ for the following applications:

  • With masonry tile roof cladding; and
  • With metal tile and profiled metal roof cladding; and
  • Wind zones up to and including Extra High

Sisalation SureWrap Roof is the synthetic alternative to Sisalation's kraft (bituminous based) roof underlay Bitumac 750.

The Sisalation range also includes:

  • Wall underlays: synthetic and kraft
  • Foils
  • Concrete underlays
  • Tapes

The Sisalation range of building underlays and foils is supported by more than fifty years of manufacturing and has become renowned around the world for excellence, quality, service and innovation.

View more information on Sisalation, including contact details.
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