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100% Formaldehyde-Free Plywood Now Available in NZ

Plymasters has long been a champion of the decorative plywood industry; several years ago, they introduced the New Zealand market to a custom range of wall and ceiling linings that offered a popular alternative to plasterboard. However, as customers been seeking sustainably sourced products, Plymasters expanded their range to include eco-friendly plywood options.

Eddie Wycherley, Business Development Manager for Plymasters explains that plywood contains formaldehyde, a toxic resin, in both the glues that hold the sheets of ply together, and a small natural amount in the timber itself.

In the past, Plymasters sourced an eco-friendly, non-toxic product from the US. However, they subsequently discovered that “due to their large market at home, they weren’t servicing us sufficiently for the New Zealand market.”

After extensive industry research and global sourcing, Plymasters discovered a European manufacturer with a similar focus on sustainability that offered a better solution for the New Zealand market. Based in Italy, Plymasters’ new supplier offered a wider range of different veneers of the same plywood — allowing them to bring unique solutions to customers throughout New Zealand.

This has led to the birth of Plymasters' brand new, eco-friendly PurePly range. Offering three different veneers — maple, birch and a pre-finished birch that comes with a clear lacquer already applied to save time and cost — this exciting range combines both innovation and sustainability and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. 

Eddie sees the pre-finished birch as offering something unique to the market. “When you place plywood onto walls or ceilings, you always have to seal it with a product. The pre-finished version means you just need to glue it and pin it up with a staple gun.”

There is already a big demand for PurePly, notes Eddie. 

“We see the trends rising for eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free plywood products from our research and feedback. Our clients are more aware of what’s in a product, how it affects them, and where we source it from. Because we’re the only suppliers in New Zealand with the PurePly range, it’s become a big drawcard to our company — our clients can purchase our eco-friendly products in a simple transaction on our website."

“In the changing environment we live in, the benefits of providing eco-friendly products and clean healthy air has become an ethical choice for many people. PurePly provides our end users with a choice to gravitate that way if they wish.”

Plymasters was established 15 years ago, supplying the construction market with a ply suited specifically for construction before diversifying into the decorative market. 

“Our range is about 80% decorative and 20% construction," says Eddie. "We’re constantly searching the globe for innovative ply, MDF and timber veneer joinery as well. But our focus remains on cabinetry joinery and wall and ceiling linings.” 

Up until now, Plymasters has always attended two annual trade shows in Germany to keep pace with the rapidly evolving trends and innovations in the interior market. Sourcing from a host of global suppliers and maintaining keen awareness of European trends, they remain a step ahead of the New Zealand market. 

With products and processes that are “constantly evolving, it’s an exciting space to be in,” says Eddie. 

“There are so many products as far as panels and plywood go. It’s a matter of selecting what our clients want. There is a huge amount of innovation happening out there that we have only scratched the surface of in terms of core material, panels, surfaces and lining systems. It’s endless.”

Plymasters are not standing still. Combining global sourcing, a keen awareness of market trends and innovation, and a renewed focus on sustainability, they are a company to watch. 

Learn more about their range of PurePly and their decorative plywood products available for your next project! 

View more information on Plymasters, including contact details.
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