Showered with Pleasure

with In Residence01 May 2013


Manufactured in England, Perrin & Rowe products are renowned for their design excellence, quality of construction and functionality. Its shower fittings (including hoses) are made from premium brass, hand polished and electroplated to a thickness well in excess of the standard’s requirements.

The Perrin & Rowe single-lever pressure-balanced shower mixer is a fine example of high-quality engineering. While most shower mixers use the same mixing cartridge as a kitchen tap, Perrin & Rowe mixers are fitted with a purpose-made pressure-balancing valve.

This revolutionary feature delivers a constant, balanced mix of hot and cold water even if the delivery pressure of one of them changes. In the event of a drop in the hot or cold water supply, the pressure-balancing valve in the shower mixer will immediately reduce the pressure to that of the lowest supply line.

The traditional and contemporary shower heads can be specified with either a perforated or an easy-clean plate. Designed for localities where holes in a perforated plate clog with lime scale, the easy-clean shower head has silicone rubber tips protruding through the perforated plate to self-clean each time the shower is used.  

While Perrin & Rowe shower heads may give the illusion of high water usage, state-of-the-art controllers limit the flow to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly use. The standard versions of the Perrin & Rowe shower outlets are fitted with a water-conserving flow controller complying with WELS regulations. The resulting flow rate, when fitted into a mains high pressure installation, is 7.5 to 9 L/min.

When Perrin & Rowe shower outlets are required for a low pressure installation, request a low-water-pressure version of the showers, in which a different aerator will be fitted to achieve this flow rate.

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