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Introducing PAVEEZZI Composite Waterproof Flooring

Finding a completely satisfying combination of style, functionality and practical features in a flooring product can be a challenge for any architect or designer. The beauty of natural wood flooring products, for example, is not always matched with features required for typical wet areas like kitchens, laundries or bathrooms. Even less demanding living and working spaces require regular maintenance and occasional wear and tear repairs of natural wood floors.

It is with these challenges in mind that a new set of products was developed to provide the durability, beauty and style of natural surfaces in options that are easy to install and maintain. These products can be found under different generic names like hybrid, resilient, waterproof, luxury vinyl, rigid core or composite flooring.

PAVEEZZI Composite Flooring has been specifically designed with waterproof characteristics so it can be used across various wet areas, for both residential and commercial use. It is an engineered product that consists of five different functional layers with a total thickness of 6.5mm:

  1. A ceramic UV protection coating
  2. A thin, transparent wear layer that provides resistance to scratches and stains
  3. A high-quality décor vinyl layer that provides a visual representation of the desired surface pattern such as natural wood, stone, polished concrete or marble
  4. A rigid core layer consisting of a 4mm thick condensed mix of natural limestone powder, polymers and structural stabilisers to enable highly durable board
  5. An IXPE under layer made of 1.5mm thin rubber that reduces sound transmission and provides impact comfort from subfloor imperfections

PAVEEZZI Composites Flooring can be installed over most interior flat surfaces including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles, concrete and cross-laminated timber subfloor. The interlocking plank system means that PAVEEZZI Composites Flooring doesn’t require adhesive and is installed as a floating floor. It can be manufactured in different dimensions but for the New Zealand market it is typically supplied in 1530 x 183 x 6.5mm size.

View more information on PAVEEZZI NZ, including contact details.
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