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Innovation With Pacbld Products and Systems

Innovation takes many forms. In the simplest way, it can be using a product differently to its intended application.


Swisspearl as a facade panel is unique and innovative:

  • Swisspearl is a through-coloured material, which means the colour is homogeneously throughout the sheet, and therefore it does not require painting. It retains its colour throughout its life. 
  • Swisspearl is made with over 80% cement content, which is double that of common fibre cement panels made of 40% cement. This means Swisspearl as a cementitious product is highly durable.
  • Swisspearl is 1,900kg/m³ in density, which exceeds that of common fibre cement products which are around 1,200kg/m³, meaning Swisspearl is extremely robust.

Combine the low maintenance feature of a through-coloured panel with greater durability, and it's easy to see why Swisspearl is unique and innovative.

Now, take a facade panel like Swisspearl and use it as an interior wall lining, or a soffit, or for louvres, or engrave it (it is through-coloured after all) and use it as feature panels, and suddenly that innovation grows.


Unlike other common HPL panels, Parklex has a real timber veneer — not a photograph, not a synthetic representation, but a real timber skin. Sustainably sourced, the Parklex skin gives each panel the uniqueness one comes to expect from timber.

Parklex is designed as a cladding product, but well suited to almost any application: feature wall panelling, soffits, louvres, and joinery.

Pacbld XpressClad

A product alone does not clad a building. Pacbld (Pacific Build Supply Ltd) has developed two versions of the back-ventilated, negative detail cladding system, Pacbld XpressClad:

  • PX3-0 (20mm cavity, drained at every horizontal)
  • PX40 (40mm cavity, top-to-bottom ventilation)

Both offer holistic and integrated design benefits, covering:

  • Watertightness
  • Fire-resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sustainability
  • Acoustic performance
  • Structural performance

What sets XpressClad apart as a holistic and integrated design system is that it incorporates:

  • Rock-wool insulation (Pacbld FR-Mineral)
  • Rigid wall underlay (Pacbld RWU)
  • Rail-substructure (XpressClad system)
  • Rain-screen (Swisspearl, Parklex, or Pacbld Refined)

At Pacbld innovation isn’t limited to products like Swisspearl and Parklex. While XpressClad provides the perfect holistic platform to showcase Swisspearl and Parklex, Pacbld's greatest testament is that they seek out innovation and innovators.

View more information on Pacific Build Supply, including contact details.
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