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Deck Specification Made Easy with Outdure Design Tools

Outdure have a range of digital tools to ensure the fast and accurate specification and pricing of materials and systems for creating deck, tile or turf spaces. These include: 

  • Resource and Product Smart Selector
  • Project Materials Calculator
  • Project Pricing Calculator
  • Masterspec product selection listing 4384OQ

The web-based tools allow designers and specifiers easy access to specification information, while more in-depth tools are used in-house by Outdure's sales, project scoping and design teams to help designers with specification.

The tools allow for quick response times to quote requests even on a large complex of projects. In addition to these digital tools to enable accurate specification, Outdure has a MasterSpec MiProducts Listing 4384OQ for easy and familiar access to resources as well as a pending BRANZ certification.

Resource and Product Smart Selector

The online ‘Resource and Product Smart Selector' tool, found in Outdure's resources hub, allows designers to select project scope criteria to access relevant technical information and CAD details. Based on the scope, the tool also helps identify the best Outdure products and systems for the project:

Project Scope Criteria includes:

  • The installation scenario/substrate, including: Over waterproof membrane / concrete pads or existing pavers / natural ground / TBA
  • The type of sub-structure to be used: aluminium frame / timber sub-frame / steel frame / deck jack pedestals
  • Project type: residential / rooftop space / resort / multi-residential / aged care facilities / education / hospitality / boardwalks
  • Installation factors or limitations, such as low height requirements / multi-levels / multi-surface integration / ventilation or access requirements
  • Environmental factors, such as marine or wind lift
  • Compliance requirements: BAL ratings / slip resistance / sustainability
  • Design details: curved deck or tile areas / stairs / ramps / railings / cantilever

Surface Products Ranges:

  • Decking: Hardwoods / ResortDeck / CasaDeck / EcoDecking
  • Exterior Tiles: Mineral Structural Tiles / StoneInspire Structural Tiles
  • Synthetic Turf: UltraPlush Turf

Installation Systems and Products:

  • QwickBuild Modular Framing and Support System: For composite decking / for hardwood timber decking / for exterior tiles / for synthetic turf / for a combination of surfaces
  • Accessories: QwickGrates / deck jack pedestals / fasteners / anti-slip strip

Project Materials Calculator 'PMC'

The Outdure 'Project Materials Calculator’ is an in-house tool used to quantify all materials required from small to large scale projects quickly and accurately. The PMC ensures the spec is value engineered with minimal waste. The tool forms part of the project scope, calculating the most effective form of construction recommended to the designers and installers — for example, if the products are best to be delivered pre-fabricated or as a kit-set.

Project Pricing Calculator 'PPC'

For years Outdure used generic $m² rates for pricing projects. However, as projects have grown significantly in size and complexity, including the methods of delivery and installation on site, Outdure has consolidated the key elements of various pricing models to create the PPC. This tool provides the best possible price for specification.

The Outdure 'Project Pricing Calculator’ is an in-house tool used to calculate pricing from project scope criteria including:

  • The surface selected: hardwood / composite decking / tiles / turf
  • Substrate type: waterproof membrane / concrete pad / existing tiles / natural ground
  • Engineering requirements: from 2kPa through to 10kPa
  • Finished Deck level 'FDL': from ground
  • Complexity of project: shape / angles / arcs / board layout
  • Value Added Services 'VAS': such as construction drawings, supplying QwickBuild as a kit-set or prefabricated modules
  • Customer type
  • Project size
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