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Regulate Air Quality with Renson Healthbox Ventilation

Renson has an extensive range of ventilation products to improve indoor climates, whether that be at home or in a commercial environment. Choose the best air quality for homes or working spaces with the all-new Renson Healthbox 3.0. It comes with a smartphone application that also gives the user a clear insight into the air quality of the space. It is a smart, quiet and energy-efficient way to extract contaminants in order to improve the air quality within a space.

The Healthbox extracts contaminants such as CO2, VOC (volatile organic substances) and odours. The built-in central sensors continuously monitor the moisture level, CO2 and VOC (volatile organic substances) or odours. When the air quality in a certain space decreases, the Healthbox immediately adjusts to extract the contaminants to increase the air quality, which makes it healthier. 

In addition, when a shower is running, the Healthbox will extract the water particles, to manage the humidity in the bathroom. At night, the Healthbox ensures the air within bedrooms remains at a healthy level.

This system is highly efficient as when nobody is at home (and contaminants are not present), the Healthbox does not extract any contaminants, making it energy efficient. 

The Renson Healthbox 3.0 is available in New Zealand from Outdoor Style. 

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May 2019 EBOSSNOW Product News
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