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A Cost-Effective Option for Insulating Skillion Roofs

Skillion roofs can be a challenge to insulate with the narrow roof space restricting certain products from being used while still maintaining an acceptable R-Value. NZ Foam’s spray foam insulation solves this problem brilliantly with its ability to be applied at any thickness beginning from just 30mm. Spray foam insulation also has the added benefit that it will never sag or slump.

Heat loss is expensive. Preventing heat loss in homes is what NZ Foam’s spray foam does best. It is safe, environmentally sound, non-allergenic, and dust and fibre free. And most importantly, saves money by stopping heat loss. This means warmer, dryer homes — forever.

NZ Foam manufactures and installs spray foam insulation for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Spray foam insulation gives complete coverage and seals gaps, thus providing excellent insulation and preventing heat loss. Preventing heat loss from a combination of air movement, convection, conduction and radiation is the most effective way of saving energy costs.

Here is what Russell Peglar of Ohoka had to say about his skillion roof insulation by NZ Foam:
 “With a north-facing Skillion roof, we faced a challenge getting sufficient insulation into a narrow roof space that would provide the R-value we desired. After contacting NZ Foam, they responded promptly to provide a competitive quote and worked around our tight schedule to deliver a quality solution on time. Rob is a great ambassador for the company and couldn’t be more friendly and informative throughout the entire process from start to finish. NZ Foam is one of the few companies I’ve encountered that truly understand customer care."

About NZ Foam Closed Cell Spray Foam:

NZ Foam Insulation (also known as DEMILEC HEATLOK XT — Insulating Thermal Barrier) is applied to residential housing and light commercial buildings complying with NZS 3604 or NASH 3405. HEATLOK XT (supplied in summer and winter versions) is applied to walls, underfloor, and ceilings.

The spray foam is a two-part Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), used to provide an insulating thermal barrier applied in-situ insulation product. When installed into either interior or exterior timber and steel framing,(walls, underfloor, and ceiling), HEATLOK XT significantly contributes to a building, meeting the energy efficiency requirements set out in the New Zealand Building Code.

The cured product provides a lightweight, moisture-resistant durable insulation thermal barrier solution suited to the needs of residential housing and commercial buildings.

Other added benefits are that it is two components, closed-cell spray applied, rigid polyurethane foam system. Specific product features include:

  • The product uses up to 20% of recycled plastic materials.
  • The blowing agent has zero ozone-depleting potential.
  • Commonly used as a thermal insulation
  • Air barrier
  • Vapour barrier
  • Water resistive barrier
  • Internal or protected external application
  • Fire Retardant and meets all ASTM 1366 ‘Class 1’

Project: 12 Selwyn Road, Howick, Auckland
Main Contractor: TEAK Construction
Fire Engineer: Maynard Marks
Passive Installer: Linings Limited

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