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Add an Artisan Touch to Customise Muros Walls

Muros Wall Panels have a proven history as an authentic veneer wall substitute for real concrete, brick, stone and wood — used worldwide in many commercial settings, and in Australasia over the past decade. Blending into the environment and fulfilling their purpose in lieu of natural materials, people are often genuinely surprised to learn that Muros panels are faux walls.

What designers may not know is that wall finishes can also be applied to installed panels to further enhance spaces. Creative use of wall finishes can help achieve an interesting, personalised relief, tailored to the brand or desired aesthetic.

The opportunities are limitless with Muros providing the base texture template, surface relief or ‘canvas’ to create a masterpiece. Projects can incorporate a range of artisan techniques applied over wall panels — from painting, plastering, cementing, chalking and dusting (to distress and age panels) to graphics, signwriting, graffiti and stencilling (to personalise branding). There is no longer the need to choose between exposed brick and plaster for example, with the ability to express ideas using both. In addition, individual techniques within these applications such as brush strokes, variation and colour ‘bring walls to life’ even more.

Businesses are always looking for ‘more bang for the buck,’ so it is not surprising the best companies seek to inspire their customers and staff with dynamic commercial fit-outs that say something about who they are and what they stand for. Of course, the fit-out needs to deliver a return on investment so it fast becomes a strategic asset, rather than just a furnishing. This is yet another avenue for decision-makers to market to their customers and resonate with staff.

The versatility of Muros' decorative wall panels can help create unique and distinctive spaces, such as the recently opened Westfield Newmarket shopping centre which features Muros Loft Brick walls extensively painted with the distinctive Swanndri red and black colours and logo. Elsewhere in Auckland, Holy Hop Bar in Kingsland utilised a stunning (and somewhat controversial) graphic design of a nun as a play on its name, while in Freemans Bay, The Lion HQ offices offer a unique workspace with striking graffiti of Wonder Woman alongside their beer bottles.

Further distressing or ageing walls is a popular choice, creating an established surrounding reminiscent of years past. Muros Wall Panels inherently contain subtle authentic imperfections depending on design — nicks, chips, cracks, timber form lines, patches, air-pockets, stony seams, and elements of natural wear and ageing. It’s certainly not a cookie-cutter mould. With technology advances and artistry, wall finishes like paint washing or cement plastering are increasing creative options, helping designers, architects and their clients realise their vision and further break the uniformity of feature walls.

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