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KLC Delivers Sustainably-Treated Timber Weatherboard Systems

KLC was founded in 1997 with a drive to add value to the New Zealand timber industry and create jobs for New Zealanders. Located in the in Kaingaroa Forest in the Bay of Plenty, the company now employs more than 100 people and has grown into one of the most innovative and largest timber treatment and re-manufacturing operations in the country. KLC's range of Generation 2 Weatherboard Systems provides architects and designers with environmentally-friendly cladding options backed by a 50-year treatment warranty.

Sustainably-treated timber cladding

KLC specialises in the use of a robust and environmentally friendly treatment process for exterior products called MicroPro (MCA).

The relationship with MicroPro began when KLC recognised the shortcomings and environmental damage of alternative timber treatment systems. After initial success with the technology, KLC converted their treatment plant to a dual-chamber enabling MicroPro (MCA) as its main timber preservative and now uses it as a foundation for adding value to a whole host of product lines including their Generation 2 NZ Timber Cladding System.

The benefits of MicroPro (MCA) are well researched and it performs well in New Zealand and internationally. Its high level of environmental credentials and its treatment warranty ensure that MicroPro (MCA) stands out from alternative options.

“Not only does it have fantastic environmental credentials, but when you compare it to the next best product that only features a 25-year treatment warranty, MicroPro’s 50-year offering really says it all,” says KLC founder Kevin Lewis.

Detailed drawings for architects and builders

Being a superior product that appeals to the higher end of market demand, the Generation 2 product lines are backed by clear CAD detailed documentation and specifications. To make it easier for architects and designers to use and specify Generation 2, MicroPro treated products, KLC worked with a top New Zealand architectural designer to develop a suite of enhanced detailed drawings. 

Designers can choose to work with A3/A1 designer drawings and/or A4 builder’s site drawings. The CAD files are set up on completed A3/A1 drawings and all the details have been grouped together, to ensure the designer only needs to change the title block. The builders then get individual, enlarged A4 details, to make on-site construction easier. Documentation also includes several 3D drawings, so builders can get to grips with detail and building construction. The details are also keynoted, which declutters the specifications and makes them easier to use.

Find out more about KLC and the Generation 2 product here or feel free to contact Chrissie Atkinson, NZ Marketing Manager

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50 Year Treatment Warranty for KLC Timber Weatherboard Systems
KLC Delivers Sustainably-Treated Timber Weatherboard Systems
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