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Cassette Cladding Simplifies Design and Installation with Standardised Solutions

Imagine a single cladding system that would make it easy to:

  • Provide a variety of cladding materials and depth to a flat wall structure
  • Require only a flat wall frame lined with an air barrier and still provide features
  • Be installed by a general builder rather than a specialist contractor
  • Be installed before windows are in position.
  • Provide fire-safe cladding materials and manage any fire risk in the cladding cavity

Not only is such a cladding system available, but it has already been successfully tested and installed around NZ. It is called Cassette Cladding.

Cassette Cladding is focussed on standardised detailing for architects and standardised methods of installation for installers. The same details for simple low-rise buildings are so robust that they are also suitable for complex multilevel buildings.

Cassette Cladding is particularly suitable for accommodating the changing nature of short-term sequencing changes on projects. It is also easy to provide a high level of installation quality possible for installers that do not have extensive experience.

A wall design incorporating Cassette Cladding would be constructed as follows:

  • Structure: A typical cladding system relies on a structural element to attach it to. This structural element can be concrete, concrete block, steel, or timber framing.
  • Air barrier: An air barrier limiting air flow through the wall is required. The air barrier may be solid substrates like concrete block or a rigid air barrier like fibre cement. When fire safety needs to be considered in the external wall construction it is important that a rigid air barrier has undergone relevant testing as part of the system.
  • First fix: Cassette Cladding “first fix” components are installed first. This can be done before the cladding material of choice is even available. Cassette Cladding first fix components comprise proprietary extruded aluminium shapes. These shapes were designed to make sizing panels easy and make panel installation simple. Cassette Cladding first fix components may be installed before windows.
  • Size panels: As soon as first fix installation commences sizing of panels can take place. Cassette Cladding panels can then be sourced from and produced at a variety of Cassette Cladding fabrication facilities.
  • Fire features: Where required, fire features including thermal insulation in the wall cavity can be installed. This simply follows on the Cassette Cladding first fix installation and does not affect the configuration of the first fix components. Cassette Cladding fire features comprise horizontal and vertical barriers to limit spread of smoke, heat and flame and have been tested as part of the Cassette Cladding system for weathertightness.
  • Install panels: Panel installation is quick. A Cassette Cladding panel can be fitted in a matter of minutes in its predetermined location and is not dependent on a specific installation sequence. So, installation can start at the top of the building and finish at the bottom without complicating inter-storey panel overlapping.

Cassette Cladding has been successfully applied on a variety of projects including fast track commercial building refurbishments.

Cassette Cladding has been successfully tested to NZS 4284:2008 for a variety of wall cladding types and seismic movements.

The team at Cassette Cladding are always happy to assist with early stages of design where architects develop their detailing or are working towards obtaining building consent — there is usually an even easier and simpler solution that Cassette can provide the architect with this new technology.

All components of Cassette Cladding are manufactured in New Zealand. Powder-coated aluminium cladding facings can be incorporated with the Cassette Cladding panels allowing not only small quantities of a wide variety of powder-coated colours but also a very short lead time.

Even where cladding choices are imported and not yet available most of the onsite work can be completed with the Cassette Cladding first fix. When the imported materials arrive panel components can easily and quickly be installed.

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