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Online and Off-site with Cassette Cladding

The Cassette Cladding system can attach a variety of claddings to buildings. All panels can be the same cladding type, or they can all be different. Panel sizes can also be extra-large and colours do not affect panel sizing.

There is a simple three-step installation process:

  • Step 1: Cassette Cladding utilises proprietary off-the-shelf “First Fix” components that are installed on the building. These components provide a locking mechanism to slot the panel into. These First Fix components are designed to make it simple for the installer to quantify panel sizes and order them from Kaneba.
  • Step 2: Cassette Cladding panels are then manufactured at Kaneba's most geographically suitable ONLINE + OFFSITE fabrication facility and dispatched to the building site.
  • Step 3: “Second Fix” panel installation is simple enough for the general builder to install themselves.

Efficiencies are achieved with:

  • Common documentation principles and details that the designer can incorporate in their design even if the cladding types are different. There is no difference in compliance requirements for Cassette Cladding between different building types like low rise or high rise.
  • ONLINE + OFFSITE production orders are automated therefore reducing time-consuming administration and design time from placement of order to production.
  • The made-to-order Cassette Cladding panels are provided in a “kit set” format that is simple enough for the general builder to install.

Feedback received from first-time installers of Cassette Cladding to date are:

  • Cassette Cladding was quick to install — much quicker than expected.
  • They were not restricted by a specific installation sequence making it easy to work around other trades.
  • Cassette Cladding is less reliant on having other aspects of the building complete before it is installed — work can start and be completed even before windows are installed.
  • There was no need to coordinate or wait upon for a specialist contractor to do the work. Even though doing it themselves there was no need for specialised equipment or lengthy training programs
  • No joint sealant is required. Not only does that speed up the installation process but also reduces long term maintenance costs on the building

Key recommendations:

  • Consider the design advice provided by product manufacturers like Cassette Cladding.
  • If relying on testing already completed for features like weathertightness, structure and fire compliance make sure the design is aligned with the specific tests, and/or,
  • To apply a bespoke look to the design, contact the manufacturer who could possibly align project requirements with existing verified tests.

Cassette Cladding includes proprietary design support for products like ACM, pre-finished and powder-coated solid aluminium. To find out more about how this solid, simple and safe cladding option, contact Cassette Cladding

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