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The Ultimate Showcase: A Custom-Designed J-Panel Feature Wall

Homeowner Annemieke Becks began her renovations with the goal of transforming her adobe looking house in Paraparaumu, into a more sustainable home for New Zealand weather conditions. The expansive living room called out for a large feature wall, and Annemieke knew exactly what she wanted, and who to work with to bring her ideas to life. “I approached Montage Interiors due to the history I have working with Simon Fuller and his team previously. I showed Simon a picture I drew of the five wall units, each with their own complexity of vertical and horizontal lines, and he was excited about the project,” explains Annemieke.

Her intention was to source sustainable pine wood grown in New Zealand. Pine offers all the characteristics Annemieke wanted, as it is light in colour with contrasting grain, and is easy to work with. Dave Banks from Montage Interiors suggested using J-panel, which is a sustainable wood product made by Juken New Zealand. Dave showed Annemieke a sample of the pine that could be used for the feature wall shelving, and she was impressed by its quality.

“Pine, when just cut, is very light in colour but over time it turns to a dark honey colour. The white staining process I used for the shelving unit will prevent this natural process," explains Dave. "White stain was applied to the wood so that the grain is still visible. This creates an effect of white wood. A coat of polyurethane makes the surfaces more durable and cleaning friendly, and a final white stain coat provides a light hue for the overall effect of the feature wall.”

“The finished product and overall impression of the feature wall is more than I ever expected. It’s so unique in its overall appearance," says Annemieke. "Vertical lines with more defined horizontal lines broken with white rectangular and square surfaces create a playful look. And our books, vinyl and artefacts contribute to a homely and lived-in look. The collaboration between Montage Interiors, J-Panel and myself has led to an exceptional end product. It has been an amazing journey and I would like to say thank you to all parties involved for their enthusiasm in completing this project."

For more information on J-Panel, visit Or head to, where Montage Interiors are producing high-quality commercial furniture using J-Panel.

View more information on Juken New Zealand, including contact details.
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The Ultimate Showcase: A Custom-Designed J-Panel Feature Wall
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