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Textured Panels Add Visual Interest in Kitchen Revamp

This kitchen renovation was designed by Kris Allen, Designer and Director of Advance Joinery for his family home. The aim of the upgrade was to update the space, with contemporary surfaces and a move from cupboards to drawers for improved accessibility. For the kitchen island cabinetry, he specified Aspex Scorched Ash panels from Integrity to bring texture and character to the space.

“We wanted to modernise the kitchen, so we put in a lot of drawers where there were once cupboards — and this meant we would need new fronts,” explains Kris. “I chose the Aspex panels as I really liked the depth and grain — for a melamine type product, it’s got a real chunky grain to it, so it’s very textured.”

Chosen for the kitchen island cabinetry and the back wall of the kitchen, the Integrity Aspex Melamine Panels in Scorched Ash create a striking contrast against the soft grey of the benchtop and wall cabinetry. The natural timber look of the panels is combined with the durability and easy maintenance of melamine.

LED light strips have been installed beneath the benchtop to further enhance the textured aesthetic. “I’ve always wanted to have light flowing down the wall under the island and when I saw this product and how textured it is, I knew I wanted that effect for this kitchen,” says Kris. “The Aspex Melamine looks really cool in the light at night time, it really brings out the grain and texture.”

The panels were simple to machine and install, which was good news for the Advance Joinery Team. “It’s just like a normal Melamine product to make through our machines and putting on kitchen cabinets is very easy,” says Kris. In addition, as a homeowner, Kris appreciates how easy it is to clean the cabinetry. “Even though it's heavily textured, it’s still easy to clean.”

The final result is a stunning, textured island that takes centre stage in the revamped kitchen. “I’m really pleased with the texture and look of the Aspex panels,” says Kris.

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