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Elegant Lighting Design Balances Subtlety and Drama

When designing this eye-catching home in Auckland’s Orakei Basin, Architect Wendy Shacklock wanted lighting that would create a warm glow and effectively illuminate the home’s most challenging spaces. Having worked with Inlite on previous projects she was confident that with their extensive range and the expertise of Director and Lighting Designer, Chris Watt, an elegant lighting design could be achieved.

One of the more complex areas to light was the main living area which features sloping timber ceilings that span above entertainment and dining areas on one level, and a cleverly incorporated mezzanine bedroom above. “There are different ceiling heights and a lot of high glass, so it was quite challenging to light,” explains Wendy. To keep the ceiling free of any fixtures, Chris specified uplighting from the Delta Light range. All lighting fixtures were recessed into adjoining walls, providing a warm glow that highlights the natural timber.

Specified throughout the home, the Delta Light range has a strong emphasis on low glare products and is ideal for providing a controlled environment and consistent colour temperature. In the kitchen, which sits beneath the mezzanine level, a trimless light line and three trimless mini lights were recessed into the ceiling, creating a modern seamless look. Elsewhere spotlights, uplights and downlights are cleverly incorporated into the design, with fixtures often recessed into walls, floors and ceilings so that the eye is drawn to the effect the light creates.

“I didn't want it to be about the light fixtures, I wanted it to be about the glow of the lights and Chris has done a fantastic job of that,” explains Wendy. “The fixtures are all quite subtle, but beautiful. That’s one of the things I like about Inlite’s product. It’s understated, very tasteful and elegant.”

While the fixtures themselves are subtle, the effect of the lighting is often eye-catching. “Some of the recessed strip fittings are very subtle but add a lot of drama to the space,” says Wendy. Careful colour selection also played a role in determining the quality of light in the home. “A lot of the fixtures we chose had gold internal reflectors which helped give a beautiful glow to the fitting itself and a beautiful light,” says Wendy.

With subtle light fittings, visitors’ attention is drawn to the design of the home itself and the clients’ photography and artwork on display — illuminated with high CRI colour rendering LED chips (CRI90+). The minimalistic approach also gives a select few decorative lighting pieces space to shine — such as suspended pendants from Viabuzzino which add a touch of drama in the living room.

Wendy puts the success of the lighting down to the subtle fittings and expertise from Inlite. “Chris takes the time to get to know the design and to understand the space, and he’s able to do that before it’s been built which a lot of people won’t be able to do,” she says. “He got the design spot on. I am very pleased and the clients are very pleased. I’m absolutely happy to recommend him completely.”

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