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Smart Appliance Choices for Sustainable Homes

Sustainable kitchen design primarily concerns the appliances chosen (water-saving dishwashers, energy-efficient refrigerators) and materials used. Ikon offer a range of options for clients looking for more energy-efficient solutions. 

Hydrolytic cleaning

Hydrolytic cleaning technology, a trademark of Australian kitchen appliance brand Kleenmaid, is in essence, the same as steam cleaning. However, Kleenmaid’s Hydrolytic ovens combine steam cleaning with the use of EzyKleen Oleophobic (oil repelling) oven enamels which naturally repel grease from the oven walls and are Nickel and toxin-free. Kleenmaid is the only brand that combines the two technologies in New Zealand. Hydrolytic cleaning is by quick, cheap and gentle on the oven and more ecological compared to other ‘self-cleaning’ methods. Kleenmaid’s hydrolytic cleaning is completed in 30 minutes using 500mls of water.

Eco Residual heat function

Both of Kleenmaid’s Hydrolytic ovens also feature an Eco Residual heat function which is designed to reduce energy costs. When activated, it turns off all the engaged heating elements five minutes before the end of cooking time using the residual heat in the oven to complete the cooking cycle.

Environmentally-friendly rangehoods

Ikon’s recirculating options for rangehoods are environmentally-friendly due to the fact that the heated or conditioned air they filter is not released to the atmosphere. The steam, heat, and smoke that are produced in the kitchen won’t be released outside of the kitchen. They suck up most of these particles and filter them. In essence, they’re a form of air recycling. Carbon Filters can last longer these days and can be regenerated by placing them in the oven — most of Ikon's rangehoods offer this option.

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