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How is Tretford Roll Carpet Installed?

Many designers will be familiar with Tretford Carpet and its unique look, feel and structure. While Tretford carpet tiles can simply be installed in quarter turn, the uniqueness of Tretford roll may have some shying away from specifying this natural goat hair carpet.

So how is Tretford carpet installed? 

The installer will begin by spreading the adhesive with a notched trowel ensuring full coverage. The adhesive will then be allowed to tack up. The carpet will be placed and pressed from the centre outwards with a weighted roller to remove all air. The entire surface will be rolled again after 30 minutes.

If cross joins are required, the ends will need to be cut at an angle, so that the last ribs on each roll can be pushed neatly together to form an invisible join. All cross joins and side joins should be connected using Dual-Bond Heat Bond Tape. The perimeter can be cut once the adhesive has set, preferably not until the next day. 

With the correct equipment and a confident installer, Tretford roll can be the best choice for projects.

Heritage Carpets are in the process of educating and in some cases, re-educating installers on the correct methods and equipment to use when installing Tretford roll, which will make the process simpler for all. 

To learn more about Tretford or its installation process, get in touch with a Heritage Carpets Architectural Consultant.

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