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Reduce Internal Moisture with Foreverbreathe Wall Systems

The term 'healthy home' is heard a lot lately. It is applied by those promoting individual materials, products or actions that can improve performance within built environments. The most obvious examples are connected to air ventilation systems, home heating, and high R-value insulation.

This is a well-meaning approach with suppliers from each category working independently to manage a problem common to old and new built environments: internal moisture content. Unfortunately, an endless zeal for energy savings via airtight design is increasing the level of moisture within built environments. This moisture impacts air quality, human health and material health. 

The healthy home statement is no longer healthy when design principles and building materials are working against that outcome. Health Based Building offers a solution with their comprehensive Foreverbreathe Wall System. 

Foreverbreathe Wall Systems are built from vapour permeable building materials which work in harmony to establish air tightness and reduce moisture levels before heating and ventilation systems enter the design. This specification ensures that the design takes air quality, human health, financial health, material health and environmental health into consideration.

Foreverbreathe Walls are manufactured from LVL framing as the main structural element. Wool insulation provides the hydroscopic performance to ensure moisture is converted to gas and R-values are not impacted.

Magnum Board (Magnesium Oxide) interior wall lining and exterior rigid air barrier provides the SD rating required to transfer interior moisture vapour into the insulation and out of the wall cavity when required. Foreverbreathe Paint completes the interior specification.

Exterior cladding choices enter to complete the overall specification. The breathable statement extends to cladding through breathable use of Foreverbreathe Oil Coatings and Foreverbreathe Silicate Paints.

The use of this system eliminates the need for costly, energy-sapping mechanical ventilation systems. There is also no unnecessary complexity in designs with multiple plastic wraps or toxic foam-based insulation. 

The Foreverbreathe Wall System offers a system-based approach to specification with quality controls in place throughout the fabrication process. Within the system, all human and environmental aspects are covered, including down-stream waste management. This ensures sustainable development in the truest sense.

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September 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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Reduce Internal Moisture with Foreverbreathe Wall Systems
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