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Clear Anti-Graffiti Film Reduces Costs in Stainless Surface Repair

Stainless steel is used extensively in commercial settings. It is hardwearing, formable, easy to clean and relatively light, given its strength. This has made it a very common for both industrial and public spaces such as lift interior and exteriors. One downside of this material is that has an inherently soft ‘skin’ and is prone to scratching and scuffing.

This scratch damage can be caused by general wear and tear from the likes of suitcases or trollies leaving scratches and gouges in the surface, or deliberate scratch-tag vandalism which is apparent in many lifts in shopping malls, car park buildings, hospitals and train stations.

GlassProtech has developed a system for rejuvenating scratch damaged stainless surfaces and then applying a clear sacrificial film to protect it from further damage, resulting in considerable savings in ongoing maintenance. The system was recently put to the test when GlassProtech was approached by a large New Zealand hospital that had a significant scratch vandalism issue — their lifts were scratch-tagged on the day they opened.

GlassProtech's proposal was a maintenance solution for five lifts that had all been tagged on 50% of their surfaces. A programmed maintenance schedule was put in place, which took into consideration the restricted confines of the hospital environment.

GlassProtech began with the removal of the vandalism damage and rejuvenation of the stainless-steel finish of 39 stainless panels in the five lifts. Glassprotech's proprietary protective clear sacrificial film was then applied to protect the lifts' surfaces from further damage. This film uses a “Clean Peel’ technology that allows it to be removed leaving no residue (also no need for smelly solvents to remove glue), making for a quick and easy replacement should the sacrificial surface protection get scratched again. 

An added benefit of the Glassprotech protection system was the ease with which contract cleaners could maintain the lifts. Often it’s hard to leave a streak-free finish on the typical #4 brushed stainless grain structure, but the application of the sacrificial protective layer makes this chore a breeze. 

The overall cost to rejuvenate and protect the vandalised surfaces of an entire lift totalled less than the cost of replacing just one single stainless door panel. If the new lifts had Glassprotech sacrificial film applied prior to being put into service, the cost of maintaining against this vandalism would have been negligible. 

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