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Daytime Privacy Improvements Achieved with Energy-Efficient Window Films

With the intensity of urban development skyrocketing, sites becoming smaller and yard setbacks getting tighter, the push to maximise floor area often comes at the expense of interior privacy.

Clients crave for expanses of glass and natural interior light, but designers regularly have to compromise with high-density developments, close proximity, and nosey neighbours.

Good design can often alleviate these issues and can be controlled to a certain extent with collaborative design, but in the real world, it's impossible to predict what will pop up next door or across the road.

The application of daytime privacy film can have great benefits when it comes to improving interior environments for building users. Daytime privacy film allows for unobstructed vision out, with added benefits of reduced glare and reduction in excessive solar gain. Appropriately selected window films can further improve the interior environment of residential and commercial spaces alike, all whilst offering great fade reduction for fixtures and furnishings, and offering significant gains in energy efficiency.

Unlike old-school silver reflective films, modern daytime privacy films offer neutral reflections, less exterior glare, and improved performance. GlassProtech offers a wide range of privacy films to fill the requirements for either interior or exterior application.

By incorporating daytime privacy window films at the design stage, the daytime fishbowl effect can be eliminated, whilst a retrofit solution is feasible if the problem is discovered post-occupation.

Modern high-efficient glazing or older laminate glazing can cause restrictions on some film application, but new film technology and exterior options mean that glazing previously not suitable for film application can now benefit from these innovative new solutions.

Film selection in these applications is critical and the team at GlassProtech can provide expert advice to make the right film choice and carry out the application.

More details about the range of Hanita SolarZone window films can be viewed in the GlassProtech product catalogue.

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December 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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