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Achieve a Great Looking Roof, Whatever the Wind Zone

In ‘Extra high’ wind zones, screws are often used to hold battens in place, but Gerard profiles can be fixed using the standard method. In ‘Specific Design’ areas, Gerard Roofs have technical notes available to specify batten screws and tile nailing configurations.

Profile design and fixing method a winning combo

Gerard’s pressed steel panels overlap when laid, meaning individual units combine to form a single structural unit that’s strong and weathertight.

Irrespective of whether nails or screws are used, Gerard systems are fixed horizontally through the nose of each panel, meaning lifting wind forces are at right angles to the fixing and far less prone to wind lift than vertically fixed alternatives.

Lab tested beyond the most severe winds

“Air box” lab simulations have proven Gerard’s ability to withstand wind forces of 3.9 kPa with the standard fixing of four nails per tile — well above the 3.3 kPa of an ‘Extra High’ wind zone.

After passing the test for C3 Cyclone installation in 2012, lab staff allowed Gerard to push the load pressures to the point of failure. As shown in the video below, the breaking point of 11.6 kPa was enough force to splinter the rafters supporting the roof, but not the substrate itself.

Global weather provides regular environmental tests

Video footage from 2017’s Hurricane Harvey that devastated southern states of the US and much of the Caribbean shows how Kiwi pressed steel roof technology endured what many neighbouring roofs couldn’t.

Locally, the 2011 Albany tornado north of Auckland caused severe damage to pretty much everything in its path, except for one Gerard roof that stood out for all the right reasons, enduring the event virtually untouched.

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June 2019 EBOSSNOW Product News
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