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Environmental Leadership Means Greener Roofing

Environmentally focused systems, processes and initiatives touch on every aspect of a Gerard roof — from raw materials and quality control in production to distribution and efforts on-site. The result has been a continuous improvement not only in reduction of site waste, but also manufacturing impact and carbon footprint, both here in New Zealand, and overseas.

On-site and installation

A single pallet can accommodate an impressive 1.8 tonnes of product — which is usually an entire roof. Pallets are delivered directly to New Zealand building sites and wrapped in 100% recyclable plastic.

Installation work is carried out only by Gerard Certified Roofers, whose knowledge, experience and specialised tooling minimise time, errors and product wastage. Roofs are set-out and measured on the day of installation. Cutting and preparation is then performed on-site, minimising the to and fro’ of both product and people. Steel offcuts are placed in bins, which are collected by third party recyclers.

Unused product is collected by Gerard project managers and sales reps during routine site visits. Product can be transported to other jobs, or else returned to Gerard’s Distribution Centre, with minimal additional transport required.

Lightweight Gerard systems also reduce the amount of supporting framing required. Depending on whether a satin or textured finish is chosen, Gerard will weigh as little as 1/5 to 1/10 the mass of traditional roof tile, while possessing exceptional strength and durability.


Gerard has always achieved a tiny transportation footprint, whether by land or sea. A recent project has improved this even further and enabled an additional 2000 units (or 920m² of roof) to be shipped to export markets per container.

Gerard is also ahead of the curve when it comes to efforts to reduce and in some cases, eliminate environmentally unfriendly packaging, and has successfully responded to the demands of African countries like Kenya which have recently cracked down on the importation of plastics.


Gerard profiles, trims and accessories are made from 100% recyclable steel. Supplied in five tonne coils, the steel is inspected on arrival for defects and impurities before being pressed, minimising wastage up front.

As the product moves from the press to the coating line, Quality Control enables panels with imperfections to be re-finished, rather than discarded:

  • If there are issues with colour, a profile’s satin coating can usually be re-painted.
  • A profile with a satin finish beyond repair can even be reformulated and upgraded to the more premium textured finish.

Roofs are accurately estimated, ordered and manufactured in house lots, which minimises manufacturing overages.

Gerard also proactively manages Chemical and Biochemical Oxygen Demand levels (COD and BOD). It operates well within its Auckland Council permits for both, and has recently achieved a reduction in its required COD permit level from 2000 g/m³, to just 300 g/m³ — in other words, manufacturing wastewater is more than six times cleaner.

Gerard also invests in its operational staff. Many have been sponsored through the NZQA accredited Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing, with a more consistent, quality product and less wastage a result.

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Sitting across all initiatives are the frameworks of ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and ISO 9001 Quality Management systems.

Gerard Roofs was New Zealand’s first roofing manufacturer to adopt ISO 14001 into its daily operations.

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