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Stonebloc: Made by Kiwis, For Kiwis

Imagine a retaining wall made specifically for New Zealand's unique environment. Stonebloc is one of the few retaining wall systems in New Zealand that fully utilises locally sourced and manufactured materials.

Stonebloc is a gravity retaining wall system with an interlocking solid concrete block at its core. It's designed around the concept of timeless retaining — fast installation with minimal labour input, future-proofed aesthetics, and comprehensive engineering. These features have been created with New Zealanders and the way they work at the forefront.

The main material used for Stonebloc, concrete, is all sourced in New Zealand. With the continuous and growing issue with supply chains globally, Stonebloc is able to avoid issues with material supply. The supply of concrete has not been as affected, so Stonebloc has dependable lead times and pricing.

Its timeless look means it can fit in both city and rural areas, blending seamlessly into its surroundings as time goes by. The split stone fascia replicates much of the natural environment that can be seen across various parts of the New Zealand landscape.

Not only has Stonebloc’s look been centred around New Zealand, but so has its engineering. Unlike most other retaining systems on the market, it is purpose-built for this country. A great example of this is the suitability of Stonebloc gravity walls with Auckland’s volcanic rock where earthworks have to be minimised and piling is impossible. With Stonebloc, simply stack the blocks, backfill and the wall is complete.

The benefits of Stonebloc aren’t just limited to the product itself- Stonebloc is a product at the Envirocon Product Stewardship Scheme, NZ’s only construction-related product stewardship scheme. The Scheme takes a circular economy approach to product design — Envirocon's blocks can be non-destructively dismantled at end of life and repurposed.

Stonebloc is the retaining wall solution made by Kiwis, for Kiwis.

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Stonebloc: Made by Kiwis, For Kiwis
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