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Warm, Healthy and Affordable Homes with Porotherm Clay

Energy efficiency comes with excellent thermal insulation and a smart choice of building materials. One of the key concepts of Stellaria NZ is energy efficiency. Stellaria builds with large clay construction blocks, uses either Sto lime plaster or Ecoprofili insulating cork plasters for increased thermal insulation and takes great care of thermal bridges, creating an unmatched high performing building.

In a monolithic wall system, Porotherm construction blocks (precision-engineered clay) fulfil both static and thermal insulation functions. It is a simple system of blocks, plaster (or a chosen cladding) and structural steel (confined masonry poured concrete) — nothing else. Porotherm Clay Blocks provide stability, excellent thermal insulation, a healthy indoor climate and very good thermal inertia. In addition:

  • Porotherm's thermal insulation capacity stays unchanged over time
  • Humidity can evacuate easily without accumulation (no mould)
  • Porotherm absorbs and releases heat, acting as a regulator of the inside temperature
  • Porotherm's mass provides thermal inertia needed for comfort in summer

Thermal performance is also about preventing thermal bridges causing heat loss. Porotherm has no vertical joints. The only joint is a 1mm horizontal mortar layer between the blocks. Thermal bridges allow heat loss and moisture accumulation which in turn can cause deterioration of the building. The Porotherm system uses insulating mortar and plaster to attenuate thermal bridges and reduce heat loss to a minimum.

Porotherm is a simple, fast and economic building system, offering proven high thermal performance and is calculated to save an average of $3,000 to $5,000 a year on energy and maintenance costs, creating a warm, healthy and affordable home.

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