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BRANZ-Tested Cavity Battens for Roof Ventilation

Roof and under deck spaces share the same construction materials and similar construction techniques as walls, which have in the past failed from the ingress of moisture, lack of drainage and ventilation to dissipate moisture that has entered the internals of the wall/roof itself.

With the advent of cavities, both walls and roof spaces can drain and ventilate, removing unwanted moisture.

The Cavibat Cavity Batten System has been specified in thousands of houses as a high-performance batten solution for wall construction. This same batten is now been utilised in roof and deck applications, providing benefits of:

  • Free draining
  • Unobstructed ventilation
  • Thermal break
  • Moisture barrier
  • Material compatibility

Cavibat has been extensively tested by MRMA and BRANZ for this application.

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March 2020 EBOSSNOW Product News
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