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Install a Vacpan for Easy Cleaning of Kitchen Floors

The Vacpan is a unique dustpan usually installed in kitchens in the toe space under a bench or within a walk-in pantry. The dustpan is connected to a Beam central vacuum system to facilitate easy cleaning.

The main feature of the Vacpan is the utter convenience for the homeowner when sweeping the floor of the kitchen. The homeowner uses a regular broom to sweep any dust and debris on the floor and into the Vacpan. They then hit the switch on the vacpan with the toe of their shoe to turn on the central vacuum system. Like magic, the debris vanishes out of sight instantly and is transported by the vacuum system to a waste container in the garage.

The Vacpan eliminates the need for homeowners to use a brush and shovel or squat down at floor level to remove the rubbish — making it a very popular option.

A Vacpan can be installed anywhere there are areas of hard floor which can be cleaned by sweeping with a broom. The Vacpan is installed in conjunction with the central vacuum installer, kitchen supplier and project builder.

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March 2018 EBOSSNOW Product News
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