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Invest in Ducting During Framing to Provide Options for Homeowners

Built-in Vacuum Cleaners, because of the size of their fans and the power of their motors, will truly deep clean carpets and remove 100% of the dirt, including the dust, from homes.

The window of opportunity to install the ducting for a system at the framing stage of construction is usually quite short. Before wall linings are fitted, it's important that architects, builders and designers ask their clients if they want a system to be installed in their new home. Beam Dealers are happy to do this to future proof the home. The owners then can complete the installation of the system when the right priority comes up later on. 

Ask a Beam Dealers to provide a quote from the plans. They are happy to offer advice on the system that is required to meet the needs of each individual design. To get the ducting established is usually about 1/3 of the total cost of a system. 

Beam is now offering 'Hide-a Hose.' This is a system where the cleaning hose retracts back into the wall. These systems are proving to be very popular, especially in smaller houses where storage space is limited.

Beam Alliance Power Units and attachments are the latest development in cleaning technology and will take the cleanliness of any home to new levels.

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November 2019 EBOSSNOW Product News
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