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Don't Miss the Chance to Duct for a Beam Cleaning System

The option of installing a Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning System as a chattel in a new home is usually introduced by the architect at the early stages of the design of the property. If the client is health conscious but can't afford a full system initially, they can 'plan for the future' by installing the ducting only, at the framing stage of construction.

Pre-piping for a vacuum system normally costs about 1/3 of the total price of a full system. The ducting installed will accommodate any power unit, so the decision to commission the system and to decide what final accessories are required can be made at a later date. Often this is done when the new carpet is also purchased. If a Vacpan or WallyFlex are required, provision must be made for them at the ducting stage.

The window of opportunity to get the ducting installed is a relatively short period during the total time of the construction. It’s important that this opportunity is not missed.

Cleaning Systems are a chattel which will be constantly used and which will deep clean the carpets and truly freshen and remove the dust and germs from the property. Family members suffering from asthma, hayfever or other allergies will find the home easier to live in. They will also be of great benefit to small children, who live and play at floor level.

Many builders are having ducting installed as an extra feature. This gives them a ‘point of difference’ and is proving very popular with the growing numbers of buyers, who are concerned about the quality of indoor air, as homes becoming increasingly sealed as a consequence of the ideas of energy efficiency.

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