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Factors to Consider When Specifying a Central Vacuum System

Kiwis are becoming more and more conscious of the 'healthy home concept' when they are planning and building their new homes. Beam Central Vacuum Systems can provide a solution to help meet the needs of this concept. 

When planning for a system the following factors need consideration:

How large is the house being built?

Larger houses take longer to vacuum clean and have longer ducting systems. They need heavier duty and more powerful motors. Beam has a number of Power Units available.

Larger houses also need more hose inlet points installed. The hoses used are 10m long and one has to be able to comfortably vacuum the complete floor area. An easy way to check the number required is to overlay a flexible piece of wire, 10m long (to the scale of the floor plan) onto the plan. In doing this, designers can see where the hose will reach and where the best positions for the inlets should be.

Usually, the hall is chosen and never behind a door or in a position where furniture might be placed. 

Where will the power unit be located? 

The position of the power unit is usually in the garage. Venting the exhaust outside is a popular option so an external wall should be chosen.

The garage can be vacuumed directly from the power unit as there is a hose inlet on the machine.

Would a retracting hose be suitable? 

The option of retracting hoses should be considered. Advice should be sought from Beam about the suitability of the design of the home. 

When will the ducting be installed?

The ducting is installed at the framing stage of construction before any lining is started. This is carried out once the roof is on the building along with the other tradespeople such as electricians and plumbers.

Can ducting be installed first, and the rest of the system later? 

Beam gives an option of ducting only. The cost of the system can be split. Ducting only initially then the balance when the system is commissioned in the future. Generally the ducting costs about 1/4 – 1/3 of a complete system.

Does the Beam System come with a warranty?

Beam Systems are backed by an excellent warranty.

For further information phone Duncan Munro on 027 444 8189 anytime.

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