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Improve Air Quality in Airtight Homes with a Central Vacuum System

As people reflect on their lives and businesses, looking after the planet and making sure that we are living in a safe environment will become ideas which are much more important for everyone. Post Covid-19, there will be a quantum shift in priorities and kiwis will move strongly towards the 'healthy home concept' when they are planning their new homes.

Installing a Beam Central Vacuum System will assist in the recirculation of fresh air in the home and make it a cleaner and healthier place to live.

Recent trends see New Zealand homes being built to achieve airtightness. While this does improve the energy-efficiency of homes, it also means less air circulation and a decline in air quality. When homeowners vacuum with a portable cleaner, the heavy dirt is collected in the bag and the exhaust air is released from the rear of the machine. The exhaust contains micro dirt/dust. In contrast, when using a Central Vacuum Cleaning System, cleaning is carried out in the same way, however, the dirt vacuumed and the exhaust of the machine is transported away from the living areas.

How does a Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning System work? 

  1. The Beam system's power unit has a high-quality Hepa Standard GORE-TEX filter, which removes tiny particles > 0.3 microns at 98% efficiency.
  2. The air is removed through a ducting system from the area being cleaned.
  3. The dirt is dropped in the bucket of the system's power unit and the exhaust is expelled, usually in the garage or directly outside.
  4. The polluted exhaust air generated by the cleaner is totally removed from the living environment of the house.

Beam Cleaning Systems have big motors and fans which remove a remarkable amount of air from the room. This air is replaced with fresh air from the outside. The house will smell fresher and cleaner each time it is cleaned. 

The importance of breathing healthy air in the home can not be understated. The benefits of Cleaning Systems should be considered when designing and building new homes. Clients will be pleasantly surprised at the relatively small cost to do this in both new and existing New Zealand homes.

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